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Lawsuit Launched to Protect Oregon’s Coastal Martens From Off-Road Vehicles

The Center for Biological Diversity warned the U.S. Forest Service today that it intends to sue the agency for failing to protect coastal martens from destructive off-road vehicles in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Coastal martens are protected as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Press Release 


Oregon Dunes Restoration

The maps show ATV trails through coastal marten habitat, including the potential dispersal habitat for juvenile marten.

The circles highlight places where there is overlap between designated OHV routes and marten habitat and corridors.

Fewer Riding Areas

Previously, over 90% of the ODNRA was open to OHV use, but through the years it’s been reduced to approximately 19%. We cannot afford to lose more acreage. OPB Reporting

Shrinking Public Access

There is an advisory committee that will complete a recommendation (taken 8 years) later this year regarding how to implement that plan, which consists of riding area that is mostly trails through the vegetated areas in the Pacific Northwest (California and Oregon). MSN Reporting

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