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Our Mission

To protect our riding rights on our public land.

Inaugural Gathering

It began in 2009 with an informal gathering, where individuals with a passion for dune riding convened amidst the scenic beauty of the Oregon Dunes.

From this initial meeting, “Save The Riders Dunes” (STRD) was born, setting the stage for a community dedicated to exploring and preserving these natural treasures.

Commitment to Involvement

Since its inception, STRD has maintained an unwavering commitment to active participation and advocacy.

Members attended numerous 10c Travel Management Plan meetings, ensuring our voices are heard and interests represented.

Our Success

STRD is working with the Forest Service in restoration of the Oregon Dunes by removing invasive species like the European beach grass.

We strive to inform campers and riding enthusiasts of the threats to the Oregon Dunes by educating people how we can keep our space open.


We had been working with the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) in the Early stages, with visits to the ODNRA from Don Amador,  Del & Stacie Albright. 

In 2011, the draft EIS was released and we were not happy. We rounded up the OHVers at Dunefest 2011 and sent letters to the Forest Service (FS) that we as OHVers were not happy with their decision.

In November 2010, when the Forest Service still had not made a final decision, we held Rally at Riley.

On short notice and in a rain storm, we had over 200 OHVers attend to let it be known that we were not happy with the decision and we weren’t going away.

If STRD had not formed, the Forest Service would have had the Final EIS completed in 2011 and we would not be talking about restoring the dunes back to open sand. The Forest Service would have closed all user created trails.

In March 2013, we officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Forest Service has somewhat paid attention to us OHvers, however, not as much as we wanted with the final EIS that was sent out in 2014. They did add the alternative 5 which opened up some area, but also closed some areas.

In 2013, the Forest Service did acknowledge that they had an invasive/noxious species take over of our dunes.

STRD along with the Forest Service and others, cleared and cleaned over 45 acres of invasive & noxious vegetation at the Bull Run area.

We continue to organize and run these types of clean-up efforts.

In 2014, the Dunes Restoration Strategy meetings started. STRD and the Siuslaw National Forest staff will be very instrumental in the restoration process as we move forward. 

Between field trips and work sessions over the next two years, the group developed a strategy for how to best tackle the challenges facing the dunes.

Recognizing that addressing the issue will be complex, expensive, long term, and that the need is urgent, the strategy provides a road map for a coordinated dunes restoration effort.

You Can Help!

Please consider donating your time or money to Save The Riders Dunes nonprofit.

100% of you donation goes to protecting the Oregon Dunes and is tax deductible.

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