Northwest Raptor Rally 2024

Once again we are helping with a little trash pick up at the Northwest Raptor Rally this year! Stop by RipRod‘s booth and get a trash bag then bring it back for a raffle ticket on Thursday and Friday only!

We hope you pick up trash each day you are at the event but those two days you get a chance from some cool swag from the NW Raptor Rally crew.

Want FREE raffle tickets? Thursday and Friday only!!!! UTV Riders, Elkhorn BBQ & Food Truck

Sketchy and friends pulled off a great dune cleanup on Easter I know we can do the same. I know we all want to leave the dunes better than we found them so new this year we are offering raffle tickets for bags of trash.

Simple as pickup some garbage and show up a registration when it’s open to claim your tickets. We had a large dumpster donated thanks to Ryan Dicksonfrom our friends at Les’ Sanitary service.

No we won’t give you tickets for your camp trash but you are welcome to throw it in the dumpster. Hauser Hill Campground also has a trash trailer onsite for bagged and tied garbage for anyone staying on the hill or in the sand.

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